Ever questioned why you always put a base coat when applying nail polish. I feel like it has become such a habit when doing our nails, but did you ever wonder about the benefits of this base coat? Well I have, and turns out that, it's a habit that's actually very important.

Did you know that: 

. Base coats prevent dark colored nail polish from staining your nails.You know how hectic it is to remove red nail polish, not only does it take so long, but also it leaves red marks on your nails and fingers. Applying a base coat will make this annoying process much simpler.

. Base coats should be thought of as the primers for your nail polish. They will keep your nail polish intact longer and prevent it from chips. Use a good base coat and your nail polish could last you up to a week.

. Certain base coats are enriched with vitamins, aloe vera and calcium. This will help strengthen the nail, enhance growth and prevent it from breakage or any other damage. A lot of base coats also have minerals that are beneficial for cuticles, two birds one stone.

. Base coats dry up very fast and create a smooth surface .This means you reduce any lumping when applying your colored nail polish. 

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