Like many things in beauty, nails have some well known myths. Well, we thought it is time to set the record straight, stop listening to all the random information you get about your nails and start spreading the right facts. 

1. Nails Breathe?

From time to time I hear the phrase, "Take a break from the nail polish, let your nails breathe." Fact is nails do not breathe, nails are made of keratin, which means they do not require oxygen and do not breathe the way your skin does. Think about it, when you cut your nails, does it hurt? 

2. Cutting Your Nail Cuticles? 

While it may look better on your perfectly manicured nails, cutting your nail cuticles have unfortunate effect on your nails and health. Your cuticles are there for a reason, to prevent bacteria, inflammations and infections from occurring. 

3. The White Spot on Your Nails Are Due to Calcium and Zinc Deficiency? 

This is a myth, the white spots on your nails are not due to a reduction in your calcium. They are in no way related to your Calcium levels and simply mean that you probably harmed your nail previously. Just like when a dent occurs in something plastic, a white spot occurs. 

4. Nails Dry Faster by Emerging Them in Water?

While it may seem like a good tip from Pinterest, this is untrue. Nail polish dries up when the solvent in the nail polish evaporates. To help your nails dry faster use a fan, preferably warm air, which will speed up the evaporation process.

5. Nail Polish Hardener Strengthens Your Nails? 

Since your nails do not breath, no type of nail polish strengthener will really help your nails. To take care of your nails, you need to eat the right foods and take the right vitamins. Improving how healthy your nails can only be achieved through healthy diets.

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