Whether long or short, how to get healthy nails is something every woman is longing for. Take a close look at your fingernails and reconsider the way you treat them. Keep your nails strong by following those five tips for healthier nails.

1. Watch out on your nails

Your nails, just like your hair and skin, reflect a lot about your general health. If you nails are weak, crack easily or don't grow properly then there's a good chance you need to improve your diet. If you want a way to keep your nails healthy and strong nails, you need to include vitamin B, iron and zinc in your diet. More veggies and fish are always the key to make your nails stronger. 

2. Give your nails a break

I know, I know. Naked nails are sad nails! I personally love keeping my nails painted all the time. Yet, sometimes you need to give it a break in order to have healthy nails. Slightly dark nails or yellow nails are a result of overusing nail polish and nail polish removers. Instead, apply transparent strengthening serum or gel. Four days in between every mani-pedi sounds reasonable. 

3. Apply nail oil 

Wondering how to get healthy looking nails? Nail and cuticle oil is an excellent way to keep your nail soft, moisturised and strong. Most of nail oils are made of natural components like flax seed oil that prevent chipping and splitting. Wait, they can also keep your nails super shiny when you're not wearing nail polish! 

4. File your nails properly

How do you file your nails? Back and forth? If yes, then you're in real trouble. Filling your nails back and forth is an everyday faux pas when it comes to treating your nails as it will weaken them more and more. It's never too late though.Train yourself to file your nails in only one direction and you will get to have healthier nails. This way your will nails will be less prone to breakage. 

5. Wear dish gloves

Subjecting your hands to direct hot and soapy water for a long time will leave your nails at risk. You will probably recognise it yourself when you expose it to soapy water for a long time as they crack immediately afterwards. Make sure to wear dish gloves right before you wash the dishes for extra protection because this will keep your nails healthy.