They say ‘Happiness is freshly-painted nails,’ so what better way to continue the #ShareHappiness campaign with a little beauty inspiration. 

If a regular manicure can put you in a happy mood, imagine what happy nail art can do? This is one of those moments where you need to try to believe it. It is simple, think of what makes you happy and paint it on your nails. 

Have a love for ice cream, then go for the craziest ice-cream nail art. Better yet, take your nail art to the next level and paint smiley faces on them. Grab a friend, head to the nail salon and #ShareHappiness by painting your nails with some happy nail art. 

Scroll down below and take a look at the pictures of  happy nail art ideas. Trust us, you’ll want to save these pictures for the next time you head in for a manicure. 

Happiness is contagious, and this month we’re all for sprinkling it everywhere! You can now be part of our #ShareHappiness campaign by posting anything that makes you happy, be it someone or something, using the mentioned hashtag. Help us spread positive vibes.