Have you ever bumped into something and ended up with smudged nail polish? Just in case you didn't leave much time for your nail polish to dry out the right way and you smudged your freshly painted nails, here is a super quick trick to know how to fix your smudged nail polish...

1. Prepare a clean medium-sized makeup brush to use it in fixing your smudged nail polish.

2. Dip the brush in your nail polish remover and leave it to drip in order to get rid of any extras.

3. Slightly and very gently, go over your smudged nail polish using the wet makeup brush, so you can smoothen the smudge, get an even surface and make it blend with the existing nail polish.

4. The last step to fix your smudged nail polish, is to finish off by applying a nail polish top coat or drying spray, then wait for it to completely dry.

P.S. If you don't have a makeup brush on hand, you could use your finger tip instead. Dip your finger tip in nail polish remover and rub the smudge using it.