How to Get the Best Instagram Photo of Your Nails

Dalia Hosny
8/12/14, 12:00 AM

Putting your heart into taking the right Instagram shot of your very recent manicure could sound easy, yet there are some things to consider to make the best out of it. How to get the best Instagram photo of your latest mani-pedi? With a little planning and some artwork, your manicure photo can get some huge traffic on Instagram. Become a nail superstar and learn how to get the best Instagram photo of your nails


 Find out how to pick your nail polish color according to your outfit. 


1. Before you take a picture for Instagram, make sure to moisten your cuticles with a little bit of cuticle oil or even baby wipes. Make sure to add only a fair amount so it doesn’t seem greasy.

2. If you had a manicure at home, make sure to remove excess nail polish on your cuticles before posting a photo of your nails because every tiny detail of your nails just shows.

3. In order to take the best Instagram photo of your nails, don’t take the shot really close or rather very far from your nails. Keep a moderate distance in order for details to show on the newsfeed.

4. Make sure the lighting is enough and your nails are in focus while everything is blurry to make your nails stand-out.

5. Put your finger nails together and not separated. Don’t leave space in between your finger nails unless you're putting your hands around your waist or against your face for example.

6. The simplest hand pose is to hold your nail polish bottle against the camera and take a shot. Make sure to have a rich background like roses, or a colorful wallpaper, or even some macarons/cupcakes.

7. Enrich the background. Your sexy shoes can be in the blurry background as well as your bag. Also make sure there's contrast between your nails and the background. For example, if you’re by the beach, make sure to show the contrast of your nail polish along with the sea and sand.

8. If you’re bored at work and starving for some creativity, arrange your desk space, and place your hands on your laptop keyboard so your nails can glow. Showing off some arm candy or your newest watch is always a plus. 

9. Using Instagram filters is a great tip before posting your latest nails update. Filters like 'walden' and 'amaro' can darken the edges of the photo while keeping the centre brighter, which can give your nails more attention.

10.  The best shot of your nails on Instagram can come in the simplest situation. All you need to do is a little artwork or arrangement. Opening a box of macarons from Laudree, holding some flowers, showing off your new mobile cover or even having a yummy colorful breakfast is always a great chance to show off that you just got out of the nail salon. 


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