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Beauty Header image article main how to perfectly paint your nails at home

| by Zeina Tawfik

How to Perfectly Paint Your Nails at Home

Sometimes you just get too busy to even book an appointment at your nail salon, but don't you worry, because you can easily learn how to perfectly paint your nails at home. I know that many women complain that they can't paint their own nails, without making a mess! However, with some simple tips, you can master painting your nails at home, even with your non-dominant hand. So come on, read along to know how to apply nail polish like a pro.

1. Start with clean nails! Make sure your nails are clipped, filed and free of any nail polish residues.

2. Wash your hands with a gentle soap, and then dry your nails very well afterwards.

3. Always apply a base coat. It protects your nails and prevents your nail polish from chipping.

4. Now wait for a couple of minutes, and then start applying the first coat of your chosen nail polish color.

5. Here comes a trick to perfectly paint your nails... Use three even strokes to apply your nail polish, starting with the center of your nail, then to the left and to the right.

6. As you dip the nail polish brush into the bottle, make sure you're not taking out a huge amount of polish. The thicker the layer you apply, the faster it will be smudged!

7. Wait for a couple of minutes so the first layer is somehow dry, and then apply a second coat of nail polish for maximum color coverage.

8. Another trick to perfectly paint your nails, is that you don't need to have it all neat! You can use nail polish remover and an old lip brush or cotton swab when you're done, to clean any excess if you color outside the lines.

9. Finish off by applying a top coat, which will help your nail polish to dry faster, look shinier and last longer.

10. Done with painting your non-dominant hand, and think the other one will be a hassle? Here's the ultimate tip to help you perfectly paint your nails... Instead of moving the nail polish brush with your non-dominant hand, keep it still, and move your other hand back and forth.

You'll find everything you need to know to make your nails look pretty in our Nails section here.

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