You know that moment, when you spend a good amount of time trying to remove nail polish without leaving stainsonly to find that there are still some nail polish remaining on your nails. You try and try to scrub it off with more nail polish remover, but it still won’t go. Well, there is a trick to removing your dark nail polish efficiently and not leave any residual stains. After reading the this, we promise you will no longer suffer from stains after removing your nail polish.

1. You will need a small jar, a sponge, and nail polish remover

2. The sponge is supposed to fit into the small jar, so cut it to a small piece if you need to. 

3. Place the sponge in the jar, then pour some nail polish remover into the jar. The sponge will absorb most, if not all of the nail polish remover, leaving it relatively damp.

4. Now in order to remove the nail polish from your nails without leaving any stains, all you will need to do is to submerge your finger, placing it entirely in the damp sponge. Twist your finger in sponge back and forth to allow the sponge to scrub against your nail. You will immediately notice how much of your nail polish is being removed, and the best part, no stains left behind. 

5. Once you are done, make sure to close the jar properly with a good lid. 

- Tip: This process can also work when trying to remove glitter nail polish.   

Photo Credit: Quem Inspira.