About to throw away some old nail polish bottles? STOP, because there is a way to revive your old nail polish and use it again and again. The brush may seem stiff and the nail polish is all dry, but no need to throw your nail polish away. Your favorite old nail polish can come back to life in just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: 

1. Start by cleaning the neck of the nail polish. Add some nail polish remover to a piece of cotton and wipe away the dried up nail polish at the top of the nail polish bottle. When the nail polish dries at the rim of the bottle, the cap does not close properly, which increases the chances of your nail polish drying out.

 2. The most important step to reviving your old nail polish remover is to add a few drops of nail polish remover inside your nail polish bottle. 

3. After putting few drops of nail polish remover, shake it extremely well, and leave the mixtures to combine for a few minutes before you use it. 

4. Make sure to have a corner for your nail polish in your fridge and store them there to make them live longer.