An artistic way to decorate your nails, is to know how to do marble nail art at home. The best kind of nail art to do with your favorite colors, is to give them the marble effect. If you think marble nail art is hard to make, I have brought you a marble nail art tutorial, with easy steps to follow...

What you'll need:

- 3 different nail polish colors

- White nail polish

- Nail polish base coat

- Nail polish top coat

- Medium-sized plastic bag


1. Gather all the nail polish bottles you will be using. Pick three matching nail polish shades, in addition to the white nail polish and base coat.

2. Start with applying the nail polish base coat, followed by another coat of white nail polish on both hands. Wait till they both dry completely.

3. After your nail polish dries, randomly add three small drops of the three nail polish shades on each finger nail. 

4. Use the medium sized plastic bag to gently pat on your nails, until the three colors mix together perfectly. 

5. Wait until your other finger nails dry and repeat the same step again.

6. When your nail polish dries completely, add a top coat to finish off the look of the marble nail art. 

7. Remove any excess nail polish using nail polish remover and a cotton swab.