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Beauty Header image article main mismatched mani pedi trend

| by Dalia Hosny

Mismatched Mani-Pedi Trend

Why don't you paint your nails in more than one color? No, not rainbow nails but more of a mismatched mani-pedi look. Change from the matchy matchy mani-pedi to a more funky one. If you can't pick which nail polish color you want to go for, then mismatch, you can now apply two of your favorite colors at once. We gathered up for you some of the hottest shades of summer 2013 that you can apply to get the mismatched mani-pedi trend.

1. Coral and Beige: I must admit that this mani pedi color mix is inspired by my favorite Haribo Peach Gummy Candy. Color your fingertips and toes in a cocktail color like this and pull off a summery feel. Your sun-kissed skin will stand out.  

2. Dark Blue and Lilac: Give your nails a youthful theme with those two colors. Experiment the fresh sea waves along with a flowery essence all at once with this nail polish pair.

3. Mint and Silver: When these two nail polish colors come together, we automatically think of Tiffany's! This glamorous combo can be able to turn heads. It's classy and extremely trendy.

4. Gold and Red: Rock your nails with this glamorous red carpet duo. Dark red can't find a better companion than shimmery gold. Shine bright by adding some shimmer to your toes and match it with your little white dress.

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