Are you bored of the classic French manicure, or the half moon manicure? Since Christmas and New Year's Eve are coming up, then take a look at these nail art ideas for the festive season.

Show everyone how excited you are about the Christmas festivities, by drawing simple illustrations on your nails, like a mini Santa hat or Christmas baubles. Or why not go for a colorful French manicure, using green, red, silver and gold; colors that are highly associated with the Christmas decorations. If you're a nail art pro, then there's loads of nail art ideas for the festive season that you can do, for example, snowflakes, a cute little snowman, candy canes, or tiny-sized gift boxes.

Get into the holidays spirit and get inspired by these nail art ideas for the festive season. All you need is some bottles of nail polish and simple tools, such as brushes and scotch tape to easily recreate your favorite drawings on nails.