There is no need to go to a nail salon, when you can master applying fake nails at home. Yes, you can apply fake nails at home. Getting acrylic nails can be damaging to your nails, and fake nails can be damaging too, but not as much as acrylic nails.

So, in the following video, you’ll get a full guide, an easy one, on how to apply fake nails at home in a super easy way. You just need to start practicing to master the technique of applying fake nails at home. All you need to get it done is:

1. A box of fake nails of different sizes.

2. Nail polish remover.

3. Cuticle oil.

4. A buffer block.

5. Nail glue.

6. A top coat.

7. Nail polish of your choice.

8. Nail file.

9. An angled brush.

10. Nail clippers.

11. Cuticles pusher.