They say a woman is helpless only when her nail polish is drying. Yes, that's how much we hate waiting for that nail polish to dry; we want it to dry fast, without smudging, without marks and with a perfect shiny finish. But women tend to be a bit demanding, actually we don't only want the nail polish to dry gracefully, we want our manicure to last longer. Hence, the gel manicure technique.

The gel manicure is one of the latest beauty trends that promises a long lasting manicure by using a gel-like nail polish and placing the nails under a UV lamp to get them dried. Having a gel manicure starts just like the normal manicure process, you get your nails cleaned, filed and cuticles pushed back. After that, you start by applying a base coat, followed by the gel manicure coat and then finish off with a top coat, and in between each of these coats you get your nails exposed to UV lights. The result is a perfect manicure that can last up to two weeks!

Most nail salons offer the gel manicure as it's highly demanded by women nowadays, it's a practical choice specially if you're off for a vacation and it's also very convenient for brides. Gel manicure is also very tempting for women who do housework, you can actually do the dishes without having to worry about your nail polish getting ruined. However, as great as the gel manicure sounds like, it's quite a hassle to get it removed. You have to get your nails wrapped in cotton balls that are soaked in acetone for about 10-20 minutes and it's better to have that process done at your nail salon because the gel manicure doesn't come off that easily. Don't ever soak your nails in an acetone bowl, this will dry out your hands and irritate your skin.

It's advisable to apply sunscreen to your hands during the gel manicure process just before you place your hands under the UV lamp, this can minimize skin cancer risks that are associated with UV lights. While picking your gel manicure color, choose classic nail polish shades such as red or nude that will look perfect no matter what you're wearing. Also, don't always opt for a gel manicure, make it an every now and then kind of manicure to avoid any nail thinning, infections or damage on the long run. As a matter of fact, from time to time, give your nails a break from nail polish and go bare, this will help keep them strong and healthy.