If there's one beauty trend that could never go out of style, it would be red nail polish. The reason why red nail polish is a timeless beauty trend is quite simple; it matches everyone! Women across the years have always loved and preferred red nail polish, as it gives off a sexy feminine appeal and works for all year round.

There's a famous quote by designer Bill Blass that says, "When in doubt, wear red." Actually, I couldn't agree more.

When you discover the best red nail polish for your skin tone, always go for it. If you have a fair skin, then go for red shades that have a touch of blue, think crimson colors. However, women with darker skin tones can pick brighter shades of red, these usually have a touch of pink and coral.

Here are five of the most popular red nail polish shades:

1. Essie - Really Red

2. OPI - Big Apple Red

3. Christian Louboutin - Rouge Louboutin

4. Dior - Rouge 999

5. Revlon - Revlon Red