You know what sucks ladies? Going to the nail salon, and getting a perfect manicure, only to have the nail polish chipped the next day, or scratched off if you accidentally hit a sharp object. It can be really frustrating, so we thought we'd give you a few tips and tricks to make your manicure last longer

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1. Take your own nail polish with you to the nail salon. That way, if your polish ever gets chipped, you can fix it with your nail polish. 

2. Swab your nail with alcohol before you apply nail polish. This will remove any residual oils from your nails, as they can cause the nail polish to peel. 

3. Shorten your nails. It will reduce your chances of breaking a nail or chipping your polish. 

4. Always apply a base coat, this will help the nail polish stick and last longer. 

5. Top coats are also very important as they will defend against chips. Tip, apply top coats to your polish every few days. 

6. Stay away from scrubs or any lotion or sanitizer that exfoliates your skin. You don't want to rub your skin or nails, with anything that can scrub away the polish. When you have a manicure, stick with wipes, and wash your hands with gentle soap. 

7. Ultimately, accidents happen! So make sure to try and not open any cans or sealed boxes with manicured nails, so you don't cause any chipping. Also if a chip ever occurs be sure to fix them right away with your nail polish.