Every body has been going crazy over the shattered glass nail art, the new manicure trend that's taking over. It's actually quite easy, and you can make it home, without even heading to the nail salon! To get the shattered glass nail art look, you just need simple tools, that you didn’t even imagine you could use to achieve a nail art look.

What you need to do the shattered glass nail art:

- A clear base/top coat.

- Your favorite nail polish color.

- Cellophane sheets.

- Scissors.

Steps to make shattered glass nail art:

1. Take the cellophane sheets, and cut them with scissors into tiny little pieces.

2. Now apply the nail polish base coat, and leave it until it completely dries.

3. Cover your nails with the nail polish color you chose.

4. Before the color dries, use the tweezers to pick up pieces of the cellophane you cut, and place them on your nails.

5. Wait for a couple of moments, then apply a top coat, to make sure the cellophane pieces won't fall off. P.S. You can trim any extras with the scissors.