It’s the most basic, yet most wanted manicure the modern woman has ever known. But, the French manicure has always been the most challenging for us women. Therefore, I decided to find a solution and it’s super easy. Here is the trick to make a perfect French manicure at home.

What you need:

- Invisible base coat

- White nail polish

- Tape or first aid plaster

- Vaseline

- Cotton buds

Nail polish remover


1. Apply Vaseline on your nail cuticles to prevent extra nail polish from making a mess around your nails.

2. Apply the invisible base coat to your nail and wait for it to dry.

3. Cut pieces of tape and cover your nail beds leaving the tip uncovered. Make sure they are well put in a straight line.

4. If you don’t have any tape you can use first aid plasters, cut the sticky edges and put them on your nails. Remember, cover your nail beds and leave the tip.

5. Start applying the white nail polish to the uncovered tip of your nails.

6. Before you remove the tape or first aid plasters, make sure your nail polish is completely dry.

7. Now, reapply the invisible base coat to your nails to give your manicure a shine and prevent it from chipping.  

8. Dab the cotton bud in nail polish remover and remove any messy manicure stains around your nails.