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| by The Fustany Team

This Is How You Can Update Your Black Outfits Using Only Nail Polish

If you love wearing all black outfits, then you came to the right place! I am here to tell you about the nail polish colors that will make your black outfit go from dull to super sexy. Yes, your nail polish color has this much power over your whole black look, so keep on reading and start taking notes.

1. Nude nail polish shades:

Nude nail polish shades are for the times you feel girly and sophisticated, they'll make your fingers look neat.

2. White nail polish:

White nail polish is when you're in the mood for an obvious contrast with your black outfit, but still want to keep it minimal!

3. Metallic nail polish shades:

Are you in the mood to party? Then, metallic nail polish is the best fun option for a night out or a concert.

4. Orange nail polish:

Orange nail polish and a black outfit are the best combination to make your tan pop during your summer holiday.

5. Purple nail polish shades:

Purple nail polish shades are a great option to apply when you want to wear chic black evening gowns.

6. Red nail polish shades:

It's obvious that red nail polish is the perfect match with your black outfit; wear it in lighter shades for cocktail or casual outfits, and in darker shades for evening ones.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @happilygrey

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