The half moon manicure is probably the first kind of nail art that women have known. This season, the vintage looking nail art is back, and it's not only restricted to red nail polish like it used to be in the old days. The half moon manicure looks like a reversed French manicure, where the bottom of the nail is covered with a crescent-shaped coat of nail polish, and the rest of the nail is covered with another contrasting shade of nail polish.

The modern day half moon manicure can easily be done at home, where you should start by picking two nail polish colors, and apply a base coat on your nails as usual. Start by painting your nails with the color that you want to appear as the half moon shape, and leave it to dry completely. Use French manicure stickers, or even the circle binder reinforcement stickers that you can get from any stationery and cover the bottom of your nails, this will serve you as a guide. Make sure you maintain a constant size for the half-moon shape across all your nails. Apply the second color of nail polish you picked and paint over the first color you've already applied. Once it's totally dry, remove the stickers carefully and finish off your manicure with a nail polish top coat.

Get inspired by some of our favorite half moon manicure combinations.

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