Tropical nails or nail art inspired by tropical nature is a trend that has been spreading around lately, and it would be perfect for your next beach holiday to give you a nail statement that is fitting with your swimsuits and beachwear, while also giving you major island vibes

All you need to achieve the tropic nail look is to draw on small plant leaves or palm tree leaves or cactuses. Pineapples and coconuts would also look really cute. You also don't need to paint your entire hand with the same design. You can draw the leaves on one finger and choose a flattering nail color to the design for the rest of your nails, as seen in the picture below. 

Usually, an easy way to get this nail design is by buying a set of fake pre-painted nails. However, if you're feeling artsy, and you want to do it yourself at home, these videos by some of the best beauty bloggers will help guide and show you several different ways, and styles.

All you in need is a collection of cool summery nail polish colors and a thin nail art brush. You can also get some design inspiration from these diverse tropical nail art photos below. 


Main Image Credits: Adjusting Beauty