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| by Nada Allam

What Your Nail Kit Should Include

When heading in for a little nail grooming, it is important to have your own nail kit. No matter how well a salon cleans their items, having your own nail kit is a safer and a more hygienic option. That way, you can always sterilize your items, and you won't have that wondering thought of 'who used this clipper before me?' A nail kit should have the necessities that you will need for a basic mani-pedi:

1. Hand and Foot Cream

This is more of a personal preference than a basic need. However, I prefer to choose my lotions, so I can pick a lotion filled with vitamins and aloe-vera.

2. Cuticle Pusher and Remover

Cutting your nail cuticles is not healthy, which is why you need your own cuticle pusher. However, always have a cuticle remover on hand, incase there are a few strays that need to be removed. 

3. Nail File

Take your pick when choosing a nail file, with either a metallic or wooden one. Personally I would go for the metal nail file with a pointed tip, so you can remove any dirt from under your nails easily. 

4. Nail Clipper

A clipper is needed for when your nails are too long, and can't be shortened with a nail file. Use the nail clipper to cut your nails to whatever length you like, then file them. 

5. Foot Smoother/Buffer

When getting a pedicure, your feet deserve a little pampering too. Use a foot smoother/buffer to remove any unwanted dead skin and keep your heel soft. 

6. Mini Nail Brush 

When filing your nails, you need to splash on some water for a cleaning touch. Use your mini nail brush by dipping it in some water and scrubbing away the dirt.

7. Toe Separators 

Instead of stuffing small cotton balls between your toes, invest in some toe separators. You don't want to ruin a perfect pedicure after all.

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