Ever thought that your nails can give off an impression and say a lot about you and your personality? Actually the way you're used to file your nails and the shape you stick to says a lot. Get to know what your nail shape says about you:

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Square nails: 

Women with square nails tend to be more trendy and sophisticated. Square nails can also be slightly rounded on the sides (squaoval). Square nails are mostly short which means that you're a perfectionist as you trim or file your nails regularly. You are subtle and straight forward. Square nails also resemble independence because when your nails are squared, they're at their strongest shape.

Round nails: 

The most classic nail shape of all times. You have your own style which has been the same for quite some time. You're not high on latest fashion trends as well. You either like to paint your nails in really bold colours or very soft shades. Nail art or funky nail polishes aren't your favourite pick.

Oval nails:

You're a truly flexible and outgoing woman! You also know how to accessorize your hands and stack up your rings. Feminine is quite the word for you. You are practical but still more on the romantic side. You usually go for shades of nail polish that match your mood too.

Almond (pointy nails):

A woman with pointy nails is all about being fierce and intense. You are extremely adventurous when it comes to styling your nails. In fact, funky nail art was made for you! Your nails always manage to make a strong statement of their own no matter how they're painted.