Many of us don’t know that nails say a lot about our health. Indeed they can. Nails help us by sending different messages about our health to take precautions and procedures, to cure or prevent illness. Let’s see what your nails say about your health.

1. What white nail beds say: 

- If your nail beds are white and pale, it means that you are suffering from anemia.

- White, pale nails also say that your body is not receiving enough oxygen, which makes iron levels drop in your blood system.

- White, pale nails might also be a sign of diabetes. In this case, you should eat more red meat and vegetables, and avoid carbs, and you should see a doctor.

2. What yellow nails say: 

- Yellow nails may be a sign that your nails have fungus, and in this case you need to take an appointment with your dermatologist so he can write you a prescription.

3. What dark nails say:

- If you see (black or brown) spots on your nails, then you should also head to your dermatologist, as this might be a sign of a serious skin disease.

4. What weak nails that are easy to break say: 

- A dehydrated body might be the cause your nails are breaking so easily. In this case, you should know that every person should drink at least 8 cups of water per day to stay hydrated.

- It’s also a sign that you’re following a wrong and unhealthy diet.

- To help your nails grow healthier, you need to treat them at home with simple homemade remedies.

5. What nails with white strips say:

- White strips on your nails are a sign of protein shortage in your body.

- It’s also a sign that maybe your finger tips are not receiving enough blood because of tight blood vessels.

- It’s always a good idea to head to a doctor, so it doesn’t progress to a dangerous disease.

6. What blue nails say:

- It’s a sign that your heart and your lungs are not receiving enough oxygen.

- If your nails only become blue only in the winter, then you should probably see a doctor, as you might have a bad blood circulation or tight vessels, which is curable with medication.