A common misconception is that facial mists are only used in the summer. However, facial mists should be your next go-to product, they should be one of the products you just don't leave home without. You know how people always say, hydration is great for your skin? Well, facial mists do that exactly. Facial mists have many purposes, all for the benefit of your skin. Here is all you need to know about facial mists, before you head out to buy one.

1. Facial mists are not just composed of water, they are filled with hydrating ingredients and essential oils that will give your skin a lovely glow. 

2.  When applying facial mists, you should hold the spray away from your face and spritz once. Leave the mist to set on your face for about two minutes, then use a tissue by patting it down to remove any excess product.

3. Avoid the powdery makeup look with facial mists. You can give off a dewy natural makeup look by spraying facial mists after applying your foundation and makeup. Just remember to hold the spray not too close to your face.

4. Facial mists are for all types of skin, even oily skin, as they can help balance out your oil production.

5. Want your makeup to last all day and avoid any melting scenarios? A facial mist is your answer. It will keep your makeup looking glowy all day long.

6. It will give your face a natural boost. Say goodbye to that tired skin at the end of the day, just spray once and you'll feel rejuvenated and your skin will look healthy. 

7. There's a diverse amount of facial mists out there, choose one that serves a purpose for you. Whether you want one that simply refreshes the skin, or one containing vitamins, Aloe-Vera etc…

8. Did you know that facial mists help lock in skin moisturizers? Before you apply your face cream, spray some facial mist, then apply the cream to your damp face. This will lock in the moisturizer, making it more effective.

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