As you can tell from its name, tanning products are used for the purpose of tanning. We head to the beach, and just lay in the sun, trying to achieve the perfect tan. So what do you really know about the tanning cream or oil you are using, other than it smells good and helps you tan faster? Well here is all you need to know about tanning products, after all you want to protect your skin from dangers like skin cancer and premature aging.

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1. The only benefit tanning oil has, is that it moisturizes your body. Tanning oil is filled with natural oils that soften the skin, and prevent any flaking from the sun.

2. Tanning oil works by capturing the sun rays, not blocking them. While it will help you tan faster, the capturing and magnifying of the sun rays is harmful and very dangerous for your skin.

3. While some tanning oils have SPF, an SPF of four or five will not protect your skin much. As I said tanning oil captures the sun rays, not blocks them.

4. A dip in the sea will not rid your body of the tanning oil, as it is water resistant.

5. Using baby oil as a tanning method is extremely dangerous. Not only will it cause immediate sun burn, but with baby oil there is absolutely no protection from the UV rays, putting you at risk for skin cancer.

6. Of course, always always apply sunblock to children, not tanning oil.

7. Tanning lotion is actually less harmful than tanning oil.

8. Tanning oil is not recommended for people with fair skin, as it will result in immediate sun burn.

9. Those with fair skin are advised to use tanning lotion, as it is less harmful and more protective than tanning oil.

10. When picking your tanning oil or lotion, you need to make sure it is compatible with your skin tone and type. For example do you go brown immediately or do you get sunburnt and then go back to your normal color. Pick carefully to prevent any harm to your skin.

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