Tea tree oil is considered exceptionally beneficial for your skin! It's also known as one of the oldest facial treatments ever! Tea tree oil has been also used as a medical and a healing remedy for decades. For that reason, I chose to feature this magnificent oil as it works for every woman!. let's know more about the benefits of tea tree oil for you health.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for acne:

Tea tree oil is considered a bacteria killer! Dab a small cotton ball in tea tree oil and pat it on your acne and red spots every night to get rid of them naturally. It will also make your skin and face look fresher. Not only will it be able to reduce acne and pimples, but it also has the ability to treat allergies and dark spots.

Nevertheless, tea tree oil has a distinctive aroma that makes it appropriate for aromatherapy where it can be used as a nice scent to add some freshness to your room or office. It will calm your senses and add some relaxation to the atmosphere. Did I mention that tea tree oil can be used as a mouth freshener too? Rinse your mouth with a medium cup of water that contains two drops of tea tree oil and you will notice the difference. (Make sure not to swallow) 

Tea tree oil is also capable of healing bruises and burns. Add around seven drops of tea tree oil to a small bowl of water, then use a washcloth to apply it on the injured area and it will help reduce pain and swelling. Magical isn't it?

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