During my trip to Barcelona for the annual P&G Vision House event, I got to meet some of the best beauty experts worldwide and thought it would be helpful to share some of their experience with our Readers. Meet Dr. Frauke Neuser, the Principal Scientist of P&G Beauty, who shared tons of interesting insights on skincare dos and don'ts.

What are the most common skin problems women face starting from their twenties?

Dr. Frauke: One of the biggest issues I see women neglecting is cleansing. Cleansing the skin is very underestimated and women tend to do it quickly and don't invest much time in it. Especially if you're younger and perhaps have acne or blemish skin, cleansing is also super important. It plays a big role in making the creams and products you use on your skin much more useful. The interesting thing is that when you start cleansing regularly (preferably once per day) you'll notice that the ingredients of your moisturizer or anti-aging cream are penetrating better into your skin. So cleansing is really the first and most important step in getting a healthy and effective skincare regimen. A lot of women either don't do it at all, or overdo it and they start damaging their skin. You really have to find the balance between both.

What's the right balance to cleanse your skin?

Dr. Frauke: You need to use the right types of cleansers (both the brush and soap), some people use the wrong type of soap or brush and they end up finding their skin very dry after cleansing. You need to know that when your skin feels dry after cleansing or washing it, then you're doing something wrong or using a wrong product. The Olay brush we're launching soon is the perfect match, because it's firm but at the same time has soft bristles and they're rounded. You can't damage your skin that way, but with the help of the Olay brush you can get into the really small areas or hidden ones of your skin such as the pores.

What's different about Olay in terms of helping reduce wrinkles?

Dr. Frauke: With the new Olay technology, it's not only about wrinkles, as wrinkles are only one sign of aging skin, but there are also other factors. What's new about it, is that it helps massively with the skin energy, to prevent a lot of the signs of aging before they even develop.

When should women start using anti-aging creams?

Dr. Frauke: It's never too early to start using an anti-aging cream, because you can always use it as a prevention method for a lot of the signs of aging before they even develop. If we can prevent skin energy from draining, then you'll have less wrinkles because you'll have more collagen, and collagen is what's needed to avoid wrinkles. With Olay we're not just thinking of the signs of aging, but we're also looking at what's the process that's driving it and how can we influence that. That's why I wouldn't necessarily call the Olay products an anti-aging treatment, it's a treatment you can start using at your twenties, because it's preventative and that's what's special about the new products, they're not just about women of 35+ age, but for younger ages as well.

Can you pin point three things women should incorporate into their daily routine for a healthier skin-care regimen?

Dr. Frauke: You should understand your skin, what's your skin type, maybe go to a dermatologist or a beauty counselor and have some tests done to understand what your skin is like and what it needs. Then choose the products that will help you the most.

A healthy diet can make a huge difference; hydration from the inside shows instantly that your skin isn't healthy. So make sure to eat and drink healthy things.

I'll have to emphasize again on the importance of cleansing, I think it's something that's underestimated but it's crucial for a healthy skin. Don't say you don't have time for it, it's just 2-3 minutes of your time and it will make a huge difference.

And what are three don'ts women should avoid for a healthy skin?

Dr. Frauke: No cream is as good as a good amount of sleep. So avoid not sleeping enough, because it shows on your skin, you can always tell!

Alcohol and cigarettes have a terrible influence not only on your health, but also on your skin.

And finally, do not go out and sit in the sun without sun protection. Ideally, put on a hat along with your sun protection cream.

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