As a result of women becoming tiresome with waxing, shaving and tweezing, laser hair removal has become a popular solution for permanent hair removal. The way it works is that the laser kills the hair follicles with heat, causing them to fall off permanently.

Advantages of laser hair removal:
- It is a quick and efficient process; many hairs are targeted in a fraction of a second. Areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute. It is also a precise process, so all unwanted hair will be removed without any skin damage.
- It can tackle all areas with unwanted hair on the body such as the bikini or underarm areas. Furthermore, it is one of the least painful methods of hair removal.
- Laser hair removal successfully and permanently eliminates hair for 90% of its patients.
- Although laser hair removal is expensive, some believe that in comparison to a lifetime of buying waxing products or razors, it might actually be a worthy investment.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal:
- As mentioned above, laser hair removal is expensive and its price varies according to the size of the targeted area. Several sessions may be needed to permanently get rid of the hair.
- Laser treatments are still new, so The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only approves of hair reduction not hair removal. It works the same way, except some minor re-growth of hair is still expected.
- Laser hair removal targets the pigment that gives skin and hair color, so it is more effective with dark haired people and may not work with light haired people at all.
- There are some temporary side effects of laser hair removal, such as itching and redness. Furthermore, after treatment you might have to avoid the sun for a while until the skin heals.

Possible side effects of laser hair removal:
- If done properly, laser hair removal should not cause any side effects. However, if not carried out properly, side effects may include darkening of the skin, chronic pain, cold sores or blisters.
- Choosing a doctor to implement the laser hair removal is a tough task; the doctor you choose should be highly qualified, trained and experienced. They should be very familiar with the process.

What to expect:
- Prior to the treatment, you will be expected to stop any type of hair removal for six weeks. This is because some methods –such as waxing- remove the hair follicles, which is the main target of the laser treatment. Sun exposure should be avoided during those six weeks as well.
- You might need to wear some eye protection during the treatment. A cooling device will be used on your skin, and pulses of light will be directed at the areas to be treated. Your doctor may recommend using a numbing cream, but it is important to use them with caution. Excessive use of anesthetic creams may have very harmful side effects.
- After the treatment you will be given cold water or ice packs to help you with any discomfort you might be feeling on your skin.

Final note:
Opting for laser hair removal is a big decision. Talk to your doctor beforehand and ask all the questions you want to ask before deciding on whether or not to go for it.