Pimples, pimples, pimples, when will you leave my skin alone? I was desperate to get rid of my acne as soon as possible. I began my research and found out that cucumbers are one of the best ways to get rid of acne, since they’re rich on Vitamin E and consist of 96% water, leading to hydrated and moisturized skin. In second place were oats which are great for cleansing and detoxifying. That’s when I found the perfect homemade facial that combines between these two natural resources to ensure pimple-free skin. Here are the ingredients and instructions to prepare this homemade facial properly:


- ½ of a cucumber

- 2 tbsp of oats

- ½ a cup of lemon juice

- 1 tbsp of honey


1. After blending the ingredients thoroughly, apply the facial in the most affected areas of the skin.

2. Massage gently to exfoliate and nourish skin.

3. Leave the facial for about 15-20 minutes for maximum  benefit.

4. Wash and rinse with cold water or with a skin cleanser. I personally use Bioderma’s Sebium foaming gel for clear skin.