We know your endless cycle of removing unwanted body hair. Been ongoing since grade nine, right? Since this process is present in each and every woman's beauty routine, so hands off, here are five major hair removal mistakes you should avoid for a better hair removal process.

1. Not Exfoliating

Do you ever wonder why are there little hairs stuck under your skin? Here's why... Leaving your skin in a dry condition will lead it to constant shedding and irritation, which results in tiny hair growing under your skin. When you exfoliate before waxing or shaving, your skin will be softer and at a better condition, so it lets the ingrown hairs go away faster and easier.

2. Wrong Timing

You must keep your period in mind before considering waxing or shaving. It's true that when you're ovulating hair tends to grow more, as your skin become more itchy and sensitive. It's the best to wax two days after your period is gone away. Waxing right before and during your period is a big no.

3. Too Much Waxing

We know how tempted women can get to visit the beauty salon for a waxing session. Calm down, your body hair should be almost a half-inch long before any waxing session, so it can be all removed properly. Studies showed that four weeks is a sufficient period for hair to grow enough so it can be grabbed by any waxing machine.

4. Mild Razor Blade

Stay away from any razor that stayed in your bathroom for more than a week. You should get a new razor blade every time you shave. Using the same razor blade might cause you red spots and skin irritation, in addition to possible infections due to the bacteria present on the old blade.

5. Neglecting Sunscreen 

Did you know that the more you're exposed to the sun, the faster the hair growth? Surprising isn't it? It's also extremely important to soothe your just-waxed skin with sunscreen to prevent dryness and red spots. Bikini line areas in particular should be taken extra care of especially before hitting the beach.