Have you ever thought of how many times you use your hands in a day? From driving, to cooking, to washing the dishes, to even typing, your hands are used more frequently than you can begin to imagine. So the question is, are you taking care of your hands? Ladies, there are five rules for effective hand care, so here is the low down; hand-care 101 is as follows:

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1. Choose your hand wash soap carefully

The skin on your hands gets dry easily, so be sure to pick a hand wash that contains moisturizer. It will help leave your hand soft and taken care of. 

2. Use gloves when you can

Dishwater soap is one product that roughens up the hands easily. So be sure to use gloves when it comes to washing the dishes, or even when you are using cleaning products around the house. 

3. Pamper your hands regularly

Opt for a natural homemade remedy or exfoliate your hands with a nice smelling scrub at least once a week. This will remove the dead skin cells and make way for the new cells to rejuvenate, leaving your hands super soft. 

Go in for manicures, getting your nails done and giving your hands a quick massage. File your nails a short length so they are not prone to chipping.

4. Moisturize

This goes without saying really, just be sure to purchase a hand cream that is suitable for your skin type. For added benefit, go for a moisturizer that is also good for your nail cuticles. The best thing you can do for your hands is to always moisturize throughout the day. Be sure to select  a cream that contains shea butter or glycerin.  

Tip: After washing your hands, pat them dry leaving them damp and apply moisturizer, it will keep them soft and smooth.

5. SPF is important for the hands too

Your hands are exposed to the sun more often than you notice. For example, when driving on a hot summer's day. To prevent any awkward tan lines or even spots, use a hand cream with protective SPF

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