Five Skincare Myths You Should Know

Dalia Hosny
11/17/13, 12:00 AM

The skincare misconceptions that we get to hear from our grandmas are truly endless! We're tackling a couple of those skincare myths, and letting you know the truth behind them. Did you know that...

1. Standing in the shade will not protect you from UV rays. Hiding away from the sun will never fully protect you, UV rays can easily come your way. The sun rays itself are mostly diffused, so the best way to fight UV rays is to always drink enough water and wear a nice hat.

2. Wrinkles have nothing to do with facial expressions. Wrinkles are wrinkles. They are part of the aging process and they get to appear as we grow up. Your facial expressions are considered a spontaneous reaction, and that doesn't encourage wrinkles formation. Dry skin mostly shows thin lines and wrinkles earlier. My advice is, always stay moisturized and hydrated.

3. Popping your pimples will never make them go away. This is by far the biggest skincare myth and an extreme no no! I know it feels so tempting to just pop it thinking it will go away, but popping a pimple can actually cause it to scar or leave a mark! Leave it to go away, or seek the nearest drug store for medical help if needed. 

4. Make-up doesn't destroy cells and increase signs of aging. Makeup is something we use on a daily basis, and it's surely not harmful. The daily use of makeup will not destroy your facial cells or block your pores, but that's only if you wear the right makeup. If you apply makeup correctly, use the best makeup for your skin and know how to wash it away efficiently then you don't need to worry about it. 

5. Washing your face a couple of times prevents acne and pimples. Over cleansing can cause extreme dryness which results in even more skin problems like itching and redness. In fact, it can even do more negative results. When the skin is over dried, the oil producing glands send extra signals to the dry areas, so it makes it even more greasy.

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