Let's start with defining what ingrown hairs are, and what causes them to occur. Ingrown hairs are hairs that are trapped under the skin, which may cause some redness and irritation. However, the most common consequence of ingrown hairs is a bumpy feeling on your skin, instead of the silky smoothness that you may want. 

Here are a few tips to prevent or minimize the ingrown hairs as much as possible:

1. Exfoliation.

Your method of exfoliation is really up to you, the point is to remove the layer of dead skin so the hair can grow freely and not get trapped under the skin. Go for some dry brushing or a body scrub.

2. Remove hair after shower.

Wether you wax, shave or epilate, make sure to do that after a warm shower. The heat softens up your skin, which means you have a high chance of removing the hair from the root, and not chop it off close to the skin. 

3. Moisturize frequently.

Moisturize even if you have super smooth skin, it will make it easier for the hair to penetrate your skin when it is growing.

4. Hair removal technique.

Always make sure to remove the hair in the opposite direction of which it has grown. If you shave, make sure to change your blade frequently, and don't shave too closely to your skin. 

5. Use gentle products on your skin

Be careful of the shower gel, creams and facial products that you use. Make sure they don't contain alcohol, or anything that will dry up your skin. 

Tip: Make sure to always exfoliate after you remove hair, no matter the type of technique you go for. You want to try and prevent any barrier, and let the hair grow freely, not get trapped under your skin.

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