In winter, hands go through a lot. Since the temperature dropped some degrees, then you need to show your hands some love and care with daily skincare essentials. Washing your hands with hot water might lead to flaky, itchy and dry hands. So, I have picked for you a selection of hand creams to pamper your hands on cold days.

1. Victoria's Secret - Citrus Dream

What is better than a beautifully scented hand cream made of avocado and soothing almond oil? Victoria's Secret always have the finest scented beauty creams. Soften your hands with this ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream and live the 'Citrus Dream.' It's fast absorbing with a rich 24 hour softening texture.

2. Marks & Spencer - Royal Jelly & Pure Honey

An extremely rich cream that can soften your hands in minutes! The honey and panthenol formula just provides perfect moisturization to your hands. Why is it an amazing hand cream? Because honey always manages to work its own wonders on any skin type. If you want soft hands with light scented cream, then this Royal Jelly & Pure Honey cream from Marks and Spencer should be your pick.

3. Estee Lauder - Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing

For an extremely stressed and worn out skin, this Estee Lauder smoothing hand cream is the best choice. Not only does this cream relax your hands and leave them scented, but also it has the ability to soak into the top layers of your skin to rejuvenate your cells and make your skin firmer. To get the best results, apply it on your hands efficiently right before you head to bed, then cover your hands with soft cotton gloves. You will get the best results in the morning.

4. L'Occitane - Shea Butter and Rose Tenderness

This creatively packed hand cream from L'Occitane caught my attention the minute I saw it. Shea butter is known to have magnificent properties as it blemishes wrinkles and it's amazing at curing dryness. This lightweight cream can instantly sooth your hands without leaving it greasy or sticky. Did I mention that the package design was inspired by beaded jewelry from Burkina Faso in Africa?

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