Finding the right feminine cleanser is a common concern for us women. It's very hard to find a good cleanser suitable for our delicate areas. Most women suffer from discomfort, or even bacterial infections as almost all intimate cleansers include harsh detergents, such as alcohol, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. These chemicals are very harmful and upset women's natural balance.

These problems were addressed by one woman, and she went out on a mission to provide a healthier cleansing option for women of all ages interested in the well-being of their intimate area. That is how the line of 'healthy hoohoo' products was brought to light and landed in my hands. The line consists of feminine wash, foamer, and wipes.

The thing about 'healthy hoohoo' products is that they're natural, gentle and free of artificial fragrances. I especially love the wipes, as it's easily portable and can "reset" you in a matter of seconds after a workout. 'healthy hoohoo' wipes are also perfect for travels, camps, sleepovers and also before and after making love. The feminine wash and foamer are equally impressive. They are all pH balanced and leave your feminine parts refreshed and protected from bacteria formation and odors.

Avoid any discomfort and keep your delicate parts safe with these 'healthy hoohoo' natural products.