I am not going to get into the harmful effects of smoking, because everyone knows that smoking is not good for your health, affecting your lungs, heart and even sex life, etc. Instead, I am going to try and appeal to the sexy lady inside of you, and tell you how smoking can harm your skin and looks. Maybe then you will think twice before taking a puff from your next cigarette.

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1. No More Glow

It is common sense really, since smoking is an unhealthy habit, it will lead to unhealthy skin. Smoking decreases the oxygen level in your blood which will have an impact on your skin. Therefore, over time you will begin to notice that your skin has grown dull, flaky and dry, which means you lost its natural glow.

2. Smoker's Face

Do you know that you can spot a smoker just by looking at their face? Smokers develop a face line around their lips. Due to the constant pursing of the lips to take a puff, cigarette lines will extend from the mouth. Yes, they do look like wrinkles surrounding your mouth; extremely unattractive. Not to mention the subconscious squinting of the eyes as the smoke passes next to it, which will also lead to lines on the sides of the eyes.

3. Welcome the Under-eye Bags

Smoker's skin is usually dehydrated and lacking certain vitamins. In addition to so, according to recent studies, smokers don't have the best night sleep due to the nicotine withdrawal, which in turn will lead to under-eye bags. 

4. You Will Not Age Gracefully

If you are smoker, just ditch the anti-aging creams, because smoking is your number one benefactor leading to wrinkles. Smoking actually speeds up the aging process of the skin, as it releases the free radicals in the body, which reduces the collagen.

5. Say Goodbye to White Teeth

Listen up smokers, try not to show your teeth when you smile, because the nicotine in the cigarettes stains the teeth. Constantly whitening them would be pointless if you are constantly puffing on a cigarette, and there is nothing sexy about a yellow smile, not to mention bad breath.

6. Smoking Darkens Your Lips

Ever noticed how most smoker's lips are a lot more darker than the natural pink lips they are supposed to have. One of the nicotine's side effects is the discoloration of the lips, giving them a permanent dark purplish color.

7. Stretch Marks

Every woman's worst night mare is developing stretch marks, right? Unfortunately sometimes stretch marks just can't be avoided, for example, in the case of pregnancy. But why increase your chances of stretch marks because of smoking? Nicotine damages the fibers in your body, causing your skin to lose its elasticity and strength. 

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