Have you ever wondered how to conceal and cover acne or super annoying pimple? Personally, I don’t  prefer to cover acne and pimples with makeup, because sometimes it just makes it worse. However, at times of special events and sexy night-outs, there must be an intervention! Now the question is, what can be the safest way ever to use makeup in order to cover up acne? Check out the following steps to cover acne with makeup,  and make that wicked pimple disappear!

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1. First off, you need to wash your face properly with a good cleanser to leave it free of dirt.

2. Pat your face dry and make sure you don't pop the pimples and acne on your face.

3. Apply a very thin layer of anti-bacterial cream or your own medical choice of acne cream on the blemishes, in order to act as a protective layer between the acne and makeup base.

4. Put another thin layer of liquid foundation on your face to act as a makeup base and even out the color of your skin. Generally, applying foundation first then concealer is the best way to hide acne spots or scars.

5. Many people tend to add extra layers of concealer on acne, however, this makes acne or acne scars more visible and might even cause further irritation. In order to avoid a cakey makeup look, make sure to apply a little amount of concealer, that is a bit lighter than your skin tone over the area you want to cover. 

In case your blemish is just too red, you can apply green concealer or one with a greenish tint. Green and red complement each other when mixed together, as the green shade tends to cancel the redness of the acne. This can be really helpful in case of extreme irritation. 

6. Make sure to blend foundation with concealer well using a beauty blender sponge.

7. Since powder keeps everything in place and makes your makeup last longer, don't forget to finish off your makeup base with powder before applying anything else.

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