What do you normally do in the summer? If you're anything like me, you just lay in the sun all day long, aiming for a long lasting tan before heading back to the office. The problem with laying in the sun is the high risk of sunburn, and the worst thing of all, is the peeling of the skin from sunburn. I truly hate how my nose is the one place on my body that peels immediately, then my shoulders and arms. It's not a pretty sight to look at! however scrubbing away all the dead skin, or peeling it off, is not the answer, here is how to deal with sunburnt skin peeling.

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- First of all, do not pull out the peeled skin, you should let it be. But if it is really bothering you, cut it using scissors, so you do not scar your skin.

- Take a bath with room temperature water. Do not take a hot bath, as warm water will irritate your skin rather than soothe it.

- Be sure to moisturize a lot, especially after your bath. Try to use a moisturizer that is specifically used for skin burn. It usually contains aloe vera which is great for dealing with sunburns. Aloe vera has a lot of benefits, be sure to read all about them.

- Drink lots of water. Since you took a shower and moisturized, you are keeping your skin hydrated from the outside. Be sure to drink water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

- If your sunburnt areas with peeled skin is getting to be too itchy, rub an ice cube on the area. This will reduce the itchiness immediately, as scratching will probably lead to scarring.

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