How to Get a Long Lasting Scent

Nada Allam
8/4/13, 12:00 AM

Ladies, we are going to tell you how to get a long lasting scent. You know why, because a women's scent is something she is always remembered by, so you better make it a good lasting memory. I am not going to talk about what type of perfume you should wear, that is merely of personal preference. However, where a women sprays perfume is of great significance. Believe it or not, there is a whole science to when, where and how you should apply perfume to get a long lasting scent.

- A common habit among all of us women is spraying perfume after we are dressed, just before we head out the door. That is not the way to get a long lasting scent, you want the scent to remain on YOU all day, not on your clothes. Always apply perfume before putting on your clothes and jewelry, this will also help from staining on any of your items. 

- You know the famous scene from the movie, where the guy hugs the girl and smells her hair, well ladies that shampoo smell won't last for two days in a row, but misting your hair will help. Misting your hair is one of the best ways to get a long lasting scent. Be careful though not to increase the amount, as perfume contains alcohol and could dry out your the hair. Point is DO NOT spray perfume onto your hair, simply mist it from time to time. Less is more after all.

- There are certain points in our bodies that are widely known as the best places to spritz on perfume, like your wrists, neck, cleavage, under the ear lobes and inside of your elbows. Be sure not to rub your wrists or hands together while spraying perfume, simply dab the wet area so that most of the perfume can be absorbed. 

- Perfumes nowadays come with their own shower gels and creams, use them. Using the shower gel before applying perfume will only increase your chances of having a longer lasting scent throughout the day. 

- Scientifically speaking, a scent will fade faster if applied to dry skin, there a few tips that can be done to avoid that. For instance, apply a non-scented moisturizer before spraying on your perfume for a longer lasting scent.

- The uses of baby oil seem to increase day by day. Baby oil is a perfect way to get a long lasting scent. Apply the oil on your body, specifically to the places you will be spraying your perfume. That way the scent will stick to the oil instead of being absorbed into the pores of your skin.


Nada Allam

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