We've all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how the bride got a pimple right before her wedding day. Her dad however advised her to use Windex, but ladies, this is not how to get rid of a pimple on your wedding day. Now let's be more realistic and move on to the actual tips that would help you make your pimple  disappear before your wedding day.

1. Hot water! My grandfather once gave me this piece of advice and it worked like magic. Take a towel and put it into super hot water, then put the towel right on your pimple. Basically what this does to your face is open up your pores and you can use a soft face cleanser right afterwards. You'll start seeing the difference in 30 minutes and that's perfect to do before your wedding day.

2. Ice cubes can also be a great way to get rid of your pimples on your wedding day in a speedy manner. All you have to do is take an ice cube, put it on your pimple for 5-10 minutes, which would reduce the swelling and the redness. You wake up and voila it's almost gone. You can easily hide the rest with a good concealer and foundation for your wedding day.

3. Another well-known way to get rid of a pimple on your wedding day, is by using toothpaste. Take some toothpaste and add it on to your pimple and top it off with a plaster. Do that for 15 minutes and then remove the plaster and wash your face with cold water. You'll notice the difference in no time.