Who loves under-eye bags? Nobody! Under-eye bags make us look tired, even if we’re not! That's because under-eye bags don’t only appear after staying up late, they appear for so many other reasons. And to get rid of under-eye bags quickly, here are some easy homemade remedies that you can easily do.  

1. Refrigerate a metal spoon to get rid of under-eye bags.

Cold spoons are one of the basic homemade remedies to get rid of under-eye bags, their effect is quick too! Refrigerate the spoon and then put it above your eyes for three minutes. Just make sure you don’t put the spoon directly on your eyes, leave a little space between your eyes and the spoon.

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2. Cut down your salt intake.

Salt causes water retention, and guess what? Your under-eye bags are one of the body parts that get puffy because of water retention. So load up on water, and cut down your salt intake to get rid of under-eye bags.

3. Remove your makeup very well before you go to bed.

Sleeping with makeup on won’t only block your skin cells and develop a pimple the next morning, it will also make your eyes tear up all night long, and you’ll end up with under-eye bags the next morning. Learn how to remove your makeup properly here.

4. Make your own under-eye moisturizer.

There’s nothing like homemade remedies to get rid of under-eye bags, just 7 drops of cactus gel and ½ a cucumber peeled and sliced. This mix will perfectly help you get rid of under-eye bags.

5. Use tea bags to get rid of under-eye bags.

You can choose the type of tea you would like to apply, either green tea or black. First dip the tea bags in hot water for a few minutes. Next, leave them to cool down, and apply the moist tea bags to your eye lids for about 20 minutes. This will reduce the swelling, and help you feel relaxed.

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