Hello colorful toes! It is time to break out the sandals, and put the shoes away, your feet need to get some pampering, its been too long. At the beginning of each spring, you need to get your feet ready for summer, so start by:

1. Heading to the nail salon or giving yourself a home pedicure.

2. Make sure to soak your feet in warm water for quite some time, because after a long winter, your feet will have a lot of dead skin that needs to be removed.

3. Invest in a good foot scrub. Scrub your entire foot thoroughly focusing on your heels. It should feel super soft after exfoliating.

4. File your nails, not too short though, and choose a colorful nail polish to paint your toe nails.

5. Start moisturizing your feet every night. For an added benefit, apply a good foot lotion and then wear a pair of socks to lock in the moisture.

6. Don't walk around bare foot. You don't want to expose your newly soft feet to the rough floors.

7. Summer is all about the sandals, just make sure that none of your sandals leave your feet with swollen blisters. Try to keep some soft plasters on hand to prevent irritation.

8. We wear heels and sandals quite often, tiring out our feet. So from time to time, try to give yourself a foot rub using a good foot lotion.