I like to think of the showering as ‘me’ time; the time where I relax and just pamper myself. I am going to tell you how to shower your way to perfect skin and hair, so that you can come out feeling rejuvenated with super smooth skin.

1. Create a relaxing ambiance.

Light some scented candles and play some music, transform your bathroom into your own personal spa space, even if it's only for 15 minutes.

2. Dry brushing.

This only takes a minute, so before you step into the shower, dry brush your entire body. Use a soft brush, and exfoliate your skin in circular motions to get rid of any dead skin cells.

3. In-shower hair masks.

The perfect time to do a quick hair mask when you don’t have time is when you're showering. After rinsing your hair with shampoo, apply the mask to your hair. Comb your hair and then tie it up in a bun, leaving your roots to absorb the mask for 5-7 minutes. Opt for a hair mask once a week.

4. Use a face mask.

While waiting for your hair mask in the shower, try out one of these quick 10 minute face masks. Since your pores open up in the steam, the nutrients and vitamins of the masks will get absorbed into the skin easily.

5. Scrub your heels.

Believe it or not, the heel of the foot is the one place we tend to forget in the shower. Leave a heel scrubber in the shower, and give yourself a quick pedicure by exfoliating your feet every other time. 

6. In-shower moisturizer.

This is a personal favorite of mine! In-shower lotions are a great way to moisturize your skin, as your pores will absorb the lotion immediately, leaving your skin super soft. Also, it will save you from moisturizing after the shower, so you can get ready right away. 

7. Exfoliate in the shower.

If you skipped the dry brushing step, then exfoliating inside the shower is a great alternative. In fact, it is something you can do while you wait for your hair or face mask. I recommend using natural scrubs, with natural oils and sugar to achieve the best results.

8. Shave at the end of the shower.

If you are a shaver, then it is recommended that you shave your unwanted body hair at the end of the shower. That way, your pores will have opened up, giving you an even closer shave.

Main Image Credits: Mario Testino