How to Pick the Right Deodorant

Dalia Hosny
6/3/14, 12:00 AM

Deodorant is something we surely can't leave home without applying. Unappealing body odor is one of the most annoying things anyone can ever experience. The thing every woman should know is sweat itself doesn't stink, yet the accumulation of sweat and bacteria is what produces smelly odor. Are you afraid you're not picking the perfect product to get rid of unwanted body scents? Here are some tips on how to pick the right deodorant:

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1. At first you may ask yourself, deodorant or antiperspirant? Basically antiperspirant manages to block the sweat pores as it's aluminium based and has a strong effect on skin. An antiperspirant may provide you with comfort and save the hassle however it might harm your sweat glands and block the natural process of sweating. If you want to steer clear of harmful chemicals, then go for deodorants.

2. Try to go for a deodorant with less chemicals as possible. Natural ingredients are the best when it comes to deodorants as they react in a better way with your sweat producing a nice odor.

3. Roll or stick deodorants are considered the best type of deodorants as they stick directly to your skin. Spray deodorants works well if sticks doesn't work for you or you're in a hurry.

4. An unscented deodorant is mainly for killing bacteria or to avoid clashing scents, while scented deodorants are tailored for covering and concealing the sweat smell. If you have sensitive skin or don't want your perfume to clash with your deodorant then unscented deodorants should be your pick.

5. In order to avoid sweat stains and yellow armpit marks on your clothes, make sure your armpits are completely dry before applying deodorant or body spray as the damp skin is prone to attract more bacteria. Also you should consider waiting for a while before putting on your top or blouse. Patting your armpits with a tissue or simply applying only a sufficient amount of deodorant before getting dressed can also be helpful so it doesn't leave a deodorant patch on your favourite top. 

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