I am sure all you people who had the flu, better yet the sniffles, can relate to this moment...that time when you have a blocked nose and finish an entire box of tissues. Now let’s move on to the moment after, where a few days later your nose gets super dry and red, that you dread the moment you need to use a tissue again. Well, we’re here to give you some quick fix remedies for your dry nose when you get sick.

1. Don’t use scented tissues.

Using unscented facial tissues is a great way your reduce chances of chafing on your nose. You could even use disposable cotton handkerchiefs.

2. Moisturize regularly.

Don’t wait for your nose to look red and dried up. Start moisturizing from day one to prevent the chances of dryness and irritation. Use a good moisturizing cream or Vaseline.

3. Do not apply makeup.

During the time when you are constantly blowing out your nose, it is better not to apply any makeup to that area. You skin is already irritated from all the friction, and makeup contains ingredients that could cause more harm than good.

4. Hydration is key.

When you get sick, they always tell you to load up on fluids. Water is very good for you and your skin, it will keep your mucus membranes moist.

5. Use nose sprays more often.

Try and invest in a good nose spray that helps relieve your blocked nose, which means you will blow your nose a lot less.

6. Apply oils.

There are a lot of natural oils out there that are really good for your skin. Go for an oil that contains Vitamin E, it will help heal your skin while keeping it moisturized. 

7. Opt for a damp cloth.

You know how you can apply cucumbers to your puffy eyes. This is exactly what you'll be doing, but to your nose. Apply a cold damp cloth to your face and nose, and allow it to soak. This will relieve any pain and swelling around your nose, while supplying it with moisture.