Let me start off this feature by telling you that I never thought I would learn so many interesting facts about beauty when I attended the P&G Vision House event in Barcelona. Of course I'm not talking only about products here, but more of tips and tricks you need to apply on a daily basis to achieve great results.

P&G made sure their event in Barcelona was remarkable by hosting each of their mini-events there at an awesome location. Example? Arts Hotel and Gaudi's very own Casa Batllo to mention a few. The theme of the P&G Vision House was ‘Symbiotica.’ To clarify things a bit, Symbiotica is a term that refers to beauty found within cooperative systems working in harmony, and that term describes the way P&G thinks perfectly, especially when it comes to their beauty products. It was actually very interesting to learn about the P&G vision, which is basically how they let both nature and people's lifestyles inspire their product use and the technology behind it. How? P&G uses nature to empower and give people the energy they need, by using certain elements from nature, which helps them achieve that. Not only that, but also they have highlighted how lifestyle and beauty are very much connected, for example, the beauty regimen you use - regardless of what it is - becomes part of your daily habits and routines, not to mention the way you feel and hence it reflects on your lifestyle.

If you ask me what was most fun about this event, I'd have to say the runway show. Three of the beauty and fashion experts showcased some of their favorite looks for 2014; from hair colors, cuts and makeup. While Pat McGrath (read her interview here), the top makeup artist and Global Creative Design Director for Max Factor, focused on breaking down runway trends a bit to be more applicable to a woman's daily life, renowned hairstylist Duffy went more for extreme looks including bold hair colors, such as blue and purple mixed together along with some uber funky layering. The looks celebrity hairstylist and Pantene Global Ambassador Danilo (read his interview here) picked were more focused on punk couture, aka pretty punk. His vision was directed towards things every woman can apply to her hair at home such as the ombre trend, but of course he gave it his own twist. Did I mention supermodel Coco Rocha made a special appearance that day at the event?

If I had to point out one of the most important things I learned, or actually not learned, but more of got reminded of at the event, it would be caring for the inside is just as important as the outside. Want beautiful hair and skin? Eat healthy food and drink water regularly. Want your skin to remain young and glowing? Well, then you need to go the extra mile and perhaps include a daily cleansing routine. To highlight some of the key tips for skincare, we made sure to speak to Dr. Frauke Neuser where she shared really interesting insights and tricks, which you can read all about here.

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