Breaking News: We have just launched our latest venture; Zynah. An online shopping platform in Egypt where you can shop all things beauty. From skincare products, makeup, hair products and even clean beauty, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here. 

Quizzes on Zynah:

Zynah, pronounced (zai-nah) is offering women a very unique experience, it’s not just another shopping platform. We know that the beauty products have increased drastically over the past few years, and nowadays it can get a bit confusing with all the options. Which is why through Zynah, we are offering a more interactive user experience. How? 

Once you head over to Zynah, you can take a quiz, answer all the questions about the skin problems you might facing, and Zynah will select a list of products that would work for you. 

Same thing with the any hair concerns you maybe having? Wondering which shampoo you should be using? Just take the quiz, and with your answers, Zynah will suggest the right products for you.


Shop by Concern: 

If you don’t feel like taking a quiz, that’s okay, with its unique filtering system, Zynah offers you the opportunity to categorize by product (hair, skin, makeup, 100% natural) as well as filter by price and brand to make your shopping experience super easy. You can also filter by problem, for example got some dark circles under your eyes? Looking for ways to reduce your cellulite, just click by concern and Zynah will filter the products for you. 

Brands on Zynah: includes a wide variety of the most prominent skincare, makeup and hair brands in Egypt. The brands included are Areej Aromatherapy, Raw African,Trace Cosmetics, Rhea Beauty, Norshek and so much more. In addition to local brands, there is a wide variety of international brands that you can choose from and shop online in Egypt. 


Chat with a Beauty Expert: 

Zynah is also offering 24/7 access to one of their beauty experts to be there for you while you are shopping? If you are still confused about which product you should pick, all you need to do is click on the chat option and a beauty expert will be there to assist you and answer any of your questions. Our beauty experts will guide you to pick the most appropriate products for you and give you all the cosmetic advice you need. 

Products available on

Skin Concerns:

-Skin cleansers and creams 

-Face and body moisturizers 

-Skin serums

-Face masks 

-Bath products and body scrubs 

-Lip and nail care products 

-Eyelash and eyebrow products 

-Sunscreens and sun blocks 

Hair Products:

-Hair Shampoo & Conditioners 

-Hair Masks

-Curly Hair products 

-Styling Products, leave in and gels 


-Lipsticks and lip tints 

-Cheek tints

-Makeup for eyes and eyebrows 

Clean Beauty:

In the clean beauty section you have access to all natural and eco-friendly cosmetics, skin and hair care free of any chemicals. 

What are you waiting for? Start shopping on Zynah NOW!