As the weather changes from cold to hot, most of us get subjected to dry and itchy skin. To avoid this, here are some tips to help you overcome the fuss of having breakouts and flakiness in your skin.

1. Try to use soap less. 

Opt for products that mostly contain more cream and less chemicals. Soap contains vast amount of chemicals that can keep your skin flaky so moisturizing soap is the better choice. 

2. Hot water will dry your skin.

Don't bathe in hot water; it will remove the oil from your skin and worsen dryness. It's better to shower in water with medium temperature to be gentle on your skin. 

3. Drink sufficient amount of water, it has endless benefits!

It's good for your skin, hair and nails. A more hydrated skin is a more moisturized one. 

4. Do a facial mask at least twice per week. 

A home-made mask would be very sufficient to keep your skin nourished, especially if you go for the good old yoghurt and honey mask. 

5. Eat well. 

Have balanced meals with a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. Maintaining a proper diet is the best trick for having good skin. Skin-friendly food could be low fat dairy products, omega 3 fish dishes, eggs, whole wheat... etc.

6. Apply SPF daily.

Put a sunscreen everyday even if you're not fully subjected to the sun. It protects your skin from the negative UV rays that may cause wrinkles and many harmful effects. 

7. Exercise your way to a beautiful skin. 

When exercising you deal with every aspect of your body, and frequent exercising beautifies your skin in every way. 

8. Have nighttime moisturizing routine. 

Our skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution and dust every day. However, at night, your body is in a relaxed state and has time to effectively absorb lotions and treatments to wake up with a smoother and softer skin. Apply a soft lotion and massage your skin in circles to circulate your blood circulation.