Just like you take away your winter clothes and bring out your summery outfits, the same should be done with your skincare products. With the constant heat we will be living in, your skin is more prone to sweat, oily T-zones, clogged pores, melting makeup etc… But worry not, the summer mishaps are very easy to control as long as you are going by a skincare routine for the summer that involves the following:

1. Facial Wash 

We all know by now washing your face twice a day is essential no matter what time of the year. However, in the summer we are subjected to more heat and sweat, so I would recommend trying to wash your face more frequently if possible. This way oil is less likely to linger and get absorbed into your skin, eventually leading to an oily T-zone or acne. Of course the type of facial wash depends on your type of skin. I for one like to go for a facial wash like the Clean & Clear Morning Burst, as evident from the name, it smells so fresh and the beads gently exfoliate your skin. It feels awesome starting off your morning with a fresh facial wash, or even freshen up during the day with a scented facial cleanser.

2. Light Moisture 

Part of your daily skin routine should include moisturization, however, in the summer it is extremely important to switch to a light non-greasy moisturizer for your skin. That way your skin will stay hydrated and nourished without any excess oil or leaving behind any grease. My favorite lotion is the Sephora Instant Moisturizer, it is light, non-greasy and smells amazing. It is also oil-free and suitable for all skin types, it gives your skin that radiant look once it is applied. 

3. Cooling your skin

Out and about all day in the summer heat is not the best for your skin. Give it a little pampering with a refreshing face mask. Neutrogena's face masks cleanse and condition your skin leaving it soft and healthy looking. For an added bonus, add some cucumbers to your eyes. Yes we see it in the movies and spas, but the cucumbers are actually really good for your skin. It reduces puffiness, which leaves the skin under your eyes looking brighter, smoother and relaxed.